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Ciliopsinal reflex

Cilia spinal reflex tests c8-t2 and is a visceral sympathetic reflex Advertisements

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AAN periprocedoural antithrombotics management Check out these new guidelines regarding management of anti platelet and anticoagulants during procedoures

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Helicopter sign

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Tricyclics overdose

Brief vignette on TCA overdose Present with seizures, hypotension, wide complex tachyarrthmia. Management- abc , decontamination if recent ingestion , sodium bicarbonate Iv , supportive electrolyte ph management. For further details check out this awesome blog by Dr. Scott

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Kochers point

The point where a bolt is placed

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It’s a disorder where patient has trouble identifying parts of body either to verbal command or imitation. Finger agnosia , right left confusion are part of this syndrome spectrum. It usually happens following injury of the left parietal area.

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New alzhimers study planned

Read this new article from medscape a new study for alzhimers prevention in dominantly inherited alzhimers

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