Agraphia problem of writing or SPELLING
Central-may superficial/lexical/ semantic -misspelled but with phonologically plausible error
Eg- cultur for culture
Or deep/ phonological- cant spell unfamiliar words or non words , semantic errors
Mechanical-2 to paresis/ praxis/dyskinesia/ dystonia
Neglect dysgraphia-neglect left part of word- paragraphia
Pure agraphia without aphasia/ apraxia/dyslexia

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Basal cisterns

What are the basal cisterns
What is their clinical significance

We should always make it a habit to see the basal cisterns when looking at a head ct

A good reference is the neuroanatomy draw it to know it book

Named cisterns
Cistern of laminate terminalis(frontal)
Suprasellar cistern(optic chiasm)
Cistern of velum interpositum(above 3vent)
Midbrain – interpedencular/ambient/quadrigeminal
Above-superior cerebellar
Below-cisterna magna

Clinical significance?

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The loss of syntax with speech relatively rich in noun and verb but lacking in grammar. Pt is able to still get his message across.
Lesion in broca’s area.

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Abadies sign

Abadies sign is the diminution of deep pain sensation elicited by pressing on the achilles tendon.
It is one of the features of tabes dorsalis.

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Hello everyone
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Hello world!

Hello guys this is Sri welcome to the Einstein neurology blog. It’s an attempt to bring together interesting articles review and clinical stuff into one place that is ope for discussion.
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